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    TechnologyThe CEO of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, claims that AI will be "the greatest economic driving force" ever known

    The CEO of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, claims that AI will be “the greatest economic driving force” ever known

    ChatGPTthe text generator by artificial intelligence of Open AIhas tried to get noticed since it was released just over 2 months ago.

    The AI ​​tool has done it all: written philosophical essays, solved significant web programming errors, and passed exams for a lawyer, doctor, or data analyst. Their range of skills has led some people to worry that this technology could take their jobs away. However, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, doesn’t share that concern.

    “I believe that artificial intelligence is going to be the biggest economic driving force and with which many people become rich we’ve ever seen” tweeted Altman this same Monday.

    Several experts have indicated Business Insider that AI may pose a greater threat to some jobs than others. These are profiles belonging to fields as disparate as law, the media or technology, but the rise of artificial intelligence it could also give way to a new range of employees that will be necessary to make it a reality.

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    Artificial intelligence developedArtificial intelligence developed

    Also, some workers are using these tools for the benefit of their own productivity. Lawyers, real estate agents and teachers have told Business Insider who use ChatGPT to lighten their workload.

    The OpenAI chatbot has also shown enormous potential for success when applying for a job or asking for a raise.

    In response to Altman’s tweet, Eric Weinstein, an American mathematician and writer, asked him: “Do you have any idea about the potential impact of your work? I guess not, because it must be too huge. Even you probably don’t know where AI will take us?”

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    to which Altman answered: “We have some ideas, but it is a complex system and It will evolve as society does.. Anyone who says they know the future of artificial intelligence in detail is deluded at best. The best way forward seems to be through a tight feedback system and strong social engagement.”

    In an interview in January, journalist Connie Loizos asked the CEO of OpenAI about his own future prospects. “I think the best scenario is so unbelievably positive that it’s hard for me to even imagine“Altman said at the time. “The worst case scenario — and I think it’s important to put it that way — would be lights out for all of us.”

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    The main person in charge of ChatGPT has also opined about misusing its tool: plagiarism, specifically that of students who use the text generator to do their school work.

    We adapt to calculators and we changed what we tested in the math class, I guess,” Altman said in that same interview. “This is a more radical change than that, for sure, but it will also bring more radical benefits.”

    The directors of OpenAI themselves have shown themselves surprised at popularity reached by ChatGPT and they have expressed that their product almost did not get to be released to the public in the state in which it is currently.


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