NewsEuropeThe British Parliament renews its oath of allegiance to King Charles III

The British Parliament renews its oath of allegiance to King Charles III

Dueo in the House of Commons of the British Parliament for the death of Elizabeth II – Jessica Taylor/Uk Parliament via / DPA

The House of Commons of the British Parliament held an extraordinary session this Saturday for the oath of allegiance to the new monarch, Carlos III, with the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, at the head.

In fact, all the deputies who had previously sworn allegiance to the late Elizabeth II had done so by mentioning her “to her heirs and successors”, but some of the deputies have also chosen to renew their oath. Others may do so in the ordinary session to be held after the queen’s funeral.

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The first to take the oath was the president of the House, Lindsay Hoyle, followed according to the old protocol by the two most senior deputies, Peter Bottomly and Harriet Harman.

Then it was the turn of Truss and the president of the Table, Penny Mordaunt. Keir Starmer, leader of the Labor opposition, and Iain Blackford, spokesman for the Scottish National Party, have also taken the oath in a tribute session to the queen that could last until 10:00 p.m.

The format corresponds to the Law of Oaths of 1868, modified by that of 1978, which provides for the oath for parliamentarians of faiths other than Christianity and also the option of promising for those who are not religious. In any case, it is mandatory to pledge fidelity to the monarch in order to be able to serve as a deputy and that is why the Irish nationalist Sinn Fein is not part of the House of Commons because it does not recognize the British Monarchy as head of state.

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After the proclamation on Saturday morning, the second of his term, Carlos III has returned to Buckingham Palace, where this afternoon he has a markedly political agenda that includes a new meeting with Truss. He before he will receive the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Several government ministers will also be present at the meeting with Truss and later an appointment with the leaders of the opposition parties is scheduled. In the middle of the afternoon he will meet with the Dean of Westminster.

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Details of the schedule for the mourning period, which could include the date of the queen’s funeral, are also pending publication by the Royal Family.

Source: Europa Press


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