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The Brazilian Supreme Court cites the Bolsonarist deputy who chased a man with a gun in the middle of the street

The deputy of the Brazilian Liberal Party (PL) Carla Zambelli – FLICKR

The judge of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court Gilmar Mendes has authorized this Saturday the summons to testify of the Bolsonaro federal deputy Carla Zambelli, who chased a man with a gun in his hand in the middle of the street on the eve of the second round of the presidential elections after a political discussion in São Paulo.

Mendes has asked to summon Zambelli “immediately” and thus partially endorses a request from the Attorney General’s Office for a preliminary investigation to decide on a possible investigation at the request of the Workers’ Party and several lawyers. The Prosecutor’s Office has requested the open police report in Sao Paulo.

Judge Mendes has cited as possible crimes those of illegal possession of a weapon and firing of a firearm, for which he requests an investigation for “political discussions related to the elections and the political-partisan position of the federal deputy” Zambelli.

The deputy heard a group of people chant the name of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as she left a restaurant in São Paulo. As Zambelli herself has recounted, when she went out into the street she “was cursed”.

The videos broadcast on social networks show how the deputy confronts and tries to attack a man after he blurts out “Tomorrow, Lula.” The man walks away from her and she chases after him, but the deputy falls on the sidewalk – although she has later shown the blow to her knee as proof that she has been assaulted.

Apparently, another man from the group who was also armed would have begun to run carrying his weapon, after which a shot was heard. However, Zambelli continues his pursuit of the first man to a nearby bar, where he tells her to get down and a group of people have interceded.

The deputy has published a video on social networks in which she explains “her version” where she has claimed to have been attacked by a black man and to have transferred these events to the Police. Regarding the persecution, she has defended that she was only trying to hold the attacker until the arrival of the agents in the area.

Zambelli is authorized to carry a weapon as a federal deputy. However, the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court prohibits civilians and police officers who are not on duty the day before the election to carry weapons within 100 meters of a polling station.



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