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    TechnologyThe brands' Instagram posts do not engage and the problem is Meta

    The brands’ Instagram posts do not engage and the problem is Meta

    2022 has not been a good year for brands on Instagram. Despite posting with the same frequency as the previous year, their posts on the social network have lost 30% of engagementaccording to data from analysis firm Rival IQ.

    He engagement It is a variable that is measured to know the level of interaction between users and publications, and it is crucial in the world of social networks. Mark Zuckerberg’s universe doesn’t fare very wellwith its 2 large platforms registering a drop of engagement and very far from TikTok, which, being the first time it has entered the registry, does not have annual disaggregated data.

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    According to the authors of this Rival IQ study, the rate of engagement per post is the key metric, because it monitors post volume and audience size, and helps marketers understand how they are doing against their competitors.

    In their latest study, Rival IQ has analyzed 5 million posts from 2,100 companies from 15 different industries on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

    In the case of Instagram, the brands registered a engagement of their publications of 0.47%, and the average number of weekly publications was 4.6. Facebook had a rate of engagement per publication of 0.06% and an average of 5.04 posts per week.

    Advertising will flood Instagram, even more

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    TikTok, on the other hand, is the perfect example of less is more. The average number of videos published per week is less than 2, and the ratio of engagement is 5.69%.

    The main conclusions of Rival IQ analysts are that brands have seen less organic engagement in 2022he engagement of Instagram decreases for the third consecutive year, although it remains stable on Facebook, in addition to the fact that the frequency with which it is published on both platforms has fallenin the case of Facebook up to 20%.

    Despite these data, in Spain, as several industry experts reported in January, Instagram continues to predominate in brands’ media plans as the favorite platform, and its rival TikTok is beginning to gain weight for brands.

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    However, several influencers have insured Business Insider Spain who have noticed a drop in the number of views and interactions in those posts sponsored or with commercial content.

    The Reels de Instagram, Instagram’s short video format very similar to TikTok, has worked as a lifeline for the platform, with a high percentage of engagement in industries such as health and beauty, and the food and beverage industry.

    You can read the full IQ Rival report here.


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