LifestyleThe best folding bathtubs to withstand the heat at home

The best folding bathtubs to withstand the heat at home

The best folding bathtubs to withstand the heat at home

Updated on March 16, 2023: We have modified and updated the list and added an index to facilitate navigation through the article.

Many people do not have the privilege of being able to spend the summer near a place to cool off, such as the beach, a swamp, a river or a swimming pool. In addition, there are people who do not have an outdoor space to put an inflatable pool and, to top it off, they do not have a bathtub at home either, only a shower.

But there is a solution that is within everyone’s reach: folding bathtubs for adults. These have many benefits. The main one is that can be assembled and disassembled every time they are used, so they won’t take up space at home. However, there are some that they are not too big and can be installed temporarily in a bathroom or large room.

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Of course, you can also place them on a terrace, garden or patio to bathe almost as if you were in the West. And since they fold up, you even have the possibility of taking them with you to your vacation spot.

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The portable bathtubs They are of different types, according to their different systems. there are those inflatablelike swimming pools, but there are also other with a structure that is mounted They even sell fixed ones that look like a kind of basin. Choose very well according to your size and needs.

With all this in mind, here are some of the best portable bathtubs you can buy right now:

  1. For value for money
  2. For children
  3. comfort above all
  4. Of plastic
  5. upright layout

Best Value for Money: Tubble Royal Collapsible Bathtub

Tubble Royal folding bathtubTubble Royal folding bathtub

Tubble Royal folding bathtub

The Tubble Royal inflatable bathtub is best inflatable bathtub for adults. It has a large capacity of 255 liters, making it ideal for couples or families. The size of the bathtub allows you to relax comfortably and enjoy your favorite bubble bath without having to get out of the bathtub.

The Tubble Royal inflatable bathtub is made of strong PVC (0.35mm), making it resistant to foam and bath oils, salt water, ice and hot water (up to 45°C). Its light weight allows you to move it easily.

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For children: Intime folding bathtub

Intime folding bathtubIntime folding bathtub

Intime folding bathtub

This economic bathtub is designed for children or small people. If you are tall, keep in mind that to use it you will have to bend your legs a lot. Its measurements are 160 x 84 x 84 cm, but being inflatable inside it stays smaller.

Is easy to use and assemble and comes equipped with a foot pump. To empty it easily, it has a drainage hole.

Comfort Above All: Whiteswan Collapsible Bathtub

Whiteswan folding bathtubWhiteswan folding bathtub

Whiteswan folding bathtub

Whiteswan is presented as a thick plastic bathtub for adults, also if you have space at home, with its 120 cm length. It stands out neither more nor less than for its Great value for the price.

It is quite comfortable and has a weight of only 4 kilos. The assembly is very simple and, in addition, you do not have to inflate it or anything like that. The kit comes with several accessories, we especially liked the backrest so that you can lean on it comfortably as if you were on the sofa.

Plastic: Wind Greeting collapsible bathtub

Wind Greeting Folding BathtubWind Greeting Folding Bathtub

Wind Greeting Folding Bathtub

This model is made in plastic, but it is foldable, mobile and perfect for home or travel with it. It has a practical foot relaxation system for a moment of relaxation. It consists of a massage roller made of TPE and thick PP. It is important to specify that it is devoid of harmful substances.

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To this characteristic of the XDJ bathtub we must add the backrest that favors the relaxation of the back and neck muscles. The XDJ bathtub is equipped with a system that adapts it to the ideal temperature for your comfort. In other words, the water temperature increases in winter and decreases in summer.

Vertical design: MILUCE folding bathtub

MILUCE folding bathtubMILUCE folding bathtub

MILUCE folding bathtub

with a novel vertical or barrel design We bring you this bathtub, which is quite light, weighing only 2.96 kilos, which allows you to transport it easily. It is made of PVC and is capable of keeping water hot for a little over an hour.

You can choose between 3 different sizes, with approximate capacities of 130 Liters, 150 Liters and 200 Liters. It includes a blanket and a cushion to give you a much more comfortable and relaxing experience. It is an excellent option to save money, space and water.


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