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    NewsWorldThe arrival of relief material in Turkey and Syria accelerates

    The arrival of relief material in Turkey and Syria accelerates

    Lhe greatest difficulties in distributing relief supplies in Turkey and Syria appear in accessing remote locations.

    While the victims are still buried under the rubble of the earthquake, the priority is to help the survivors.

    Food and other essential supplies are now reaching the Turkish city of Adana and other urban areas, but significant obstacles remain in accessing more remote places.

    The first aid shipments from the EU are also heading to Syria. An Italian navy ship that arrived at the port of Beirut carried 16 containers full of tents, heaters and other vital winter items bound for the Syrian earthquake zone.

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    Luigi PandolfiHead of the relief operation of the European Union explained the advances in the rate of delivery: “Multiple planes have been landing in recent days in Beirut and also in Gaziantep. Two logistics centers have been activated so that we can gather the donation from the European countries in Beirut to deliver to Damascus and in Gaziantep, to deliver to northwestern Syria.”

    However, it will be some time before those affected in Idlib and other devastated areas of Syria can find temporary refuge.

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    Source: Euronews Español


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