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    TechnologyThe Amazon device that has changed the way I interact with Alexa: what I liked the most about the Alexa Pro voice control

    The Amazon device that has changed the way I interact with Alexa: what I liked the most about the Alexa Pro voice control

    Although it is difficult to think of innovation in remote controls to control different household appliances, it seems that Amazon has achieved a device that provides new functions, the Alexa Pro voice control.

    The company has thought of this remote to control various devices in the Amazon ecosystem, although in my case I have used it mainly on the Fire TV Stick Lite, which is connected to a somewhat old television and not at all intelligent.

    Thus, Amazon has presented a new remote control adapted to the needs of users who prefer to put their mobile phones aside, for example, to connect to the television and opt for Alexa to do all the work.

    For this reason, the company has integrated new functions into the controller, of which I have been pleasantly surprised, since some of them I had never seen in any other device of this type.

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    I have tried for a few weeks Amazon Alexa Pro voice control. Keep reading if you want to know everything it can offer you…

    The Alexa Pro voice remote is really nice to hold and takes up almost all the space.

    Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.

    Something that I have loved about this controller is how light it is, just 54 grams without batteries. To which is added a good grip, a feature that all the people who have taken it to use the television have mentioned.

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    This is because Amazon has made very good use of all the space available on the controller, which measures 38 x 148 x 18 mm, making it easy to use with just one hand. Unlike the large knobs, which are usually more common for controls.

    In this case, the Alexa Pro voice control is a great complement if you want simplicity, discretion and some very useful day-to-day functions.

    The remote has 2 customizable buttons for direct access to your favorite applications.

    Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.

    Unlike previous versions, the new Alexa Pro voice remote features a Direct button to control power on and off of the connected terminals. So, whereas before I had to use the TV remote, now I’ve been able to use it directly.

    An improvement that undoubtedly banishes the other controls, since you can control everything from the same place.

    In addition, it comes with shortcuts to the applications that Amazon has considered most relevant, which are Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Music. In turn, it also comes with 2 customizable buttons as a shortcut to any other app on Fire TV.

    Based on my personal preferences, I’ve decided to add Twitch and YouTube as these are the platforms I use the most. Although in my opinion I have missed more buttons for shortcuts and it would have removed the default buttons, a point that would have added further customization.

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    To all those buttons is also added one for speak directly to Alexa, in case you have a Fire TV. If you also have a smart speaker, as I did with the Echo Dot 5, you won’t even have to use it.

    It allows you to add wireless headphones via a shortcut button and also has a sound to search for it in case it has been lost.

    Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.

    Honestly, something that I have loved about this controller is that it adds 2 functions that are not common in others: find it if it gets lost among the sofa cushions and add wireless headphones directly.

    In the case of the first, every time you ask Alexa to search for the remote, a kind of alarm will start to sound from the terminal itself, a very useful function, even more so when the remote is one of the devices that gets lost the most in A case.

    As for the headphones, the Alexa Pro Voice Remote also has a direct access button to the settings for these, a great function if you are a regular gamer or if you prefer to watch TV when others are sleeping.

    The lighting of the keys with the movement in low light situations is a great success.

    Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.Amazon Alexa Pro voice control.

    In the Alexa Pro voice control, Amazon has thought of absolutely everything users need to enjoy audiovisual content and the different scenarios that could happen in the home.

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    Thus, in addition to being able to locate it and connect headphones directly, it also has a backlight: the keys they light up when there is not enough light in the room and the controller feels the movement.

    The lighting, in this sense, is immediate and is a great improvement, since at night you won’t have to turn on the light or strain your eyes to change platforms.

    Alexa Pro Voice Remote is a huge improvement over previous versions and will allow you to take full advantage of all other Amazon products.

    One of the previous versions together with the Alexa Pro voice control.One of the previous versions together with the Alexa Pro voice control.

    Amazon has found the exact key to get a remote that takes full advantage of what Alexa can do for you. Now, not a device for everyone, since you will need other products from the Amazon ecosystem.

    In my case, I have integrated it with other devices: the Fire TV Stick Lite, the main device; the fifth-generation Echo Dot smart speaker, and the Echo Show 15. In all situations, the remote has brought new features, getting more out of the ecosystem.

    In summary, the Alexa Pro voice control is perfect for those who have Amazon products at home and want to get more comfort, together with new functions, for a very reasonable price of €39.99.


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