Technology The aerotaxi of the Spanish company Umiles Next flies for the first...

The aerotaxi of the Spanish company Umiles Next flies for the first time in European urban airspace

Aerotaxi Concept Integrity – UMILES NEXT

The Umiles Next airtaxiConcept Integrity, has flown over the sky of Toulouse within the large-scale flight demonstrations of the TindAIR project, with the aim of demonstrating that the inclusion of this new traffic in urban areas is possible in the future.

Concept Integrity It is the second piloted aircraft of the Spanish firm Umiles Group, after the presentation of the first prototype in 2019. It was unveiled this summer during the celebration of the World ATM Congress in Madrid.

This aircraft, with capacity for two peoplein an eVTOL model, that is, electric and vertical takeoff and landingwhich offers automatic flight control and autonomous landing and takeoff, with the capacity to cover distances of 15 kilometers in 15 minutes, as detailed in a statement.

Umiles Next, a Umiles Group company, has tested Concept Integrity during a flight campaign in Toulousein the Onera test fields, within the large-scale flight demonstrations of the European project TindAIR.

Along with the air taxi, other unmanned vehicles (UAV) have also been flown in different layers in order to demonstrate that the management of European urban air traffic (U-space) of the future with unmanned aircraft.

In order for this type of autonomous aircraft to obtain the necessary certifications to operate, at the moment they have to be piloted. That is why Umiles Next is working on the design of its piloted aircraft, Integrity3, based on the patented FlyFree technology, which it plans to have in flight in the coming years.

Source: Europa Press



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