Technology The advantages of reserving parking online through a mobile app

The advantages of reserving parking online through a mobile app

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Finding parking is one of the problems that generates the most headaches among Spanish drivers. Long waiting lines or the fear of not finding a space make finding a parking space a complex task, especially in large capitals, such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Due to the number of vehicles, it is very common to invest more time than necessary in the search for a parking space. This situation, on many occasions, causes us to arrive late for work meetings or delay the return home.

“Is there a parking lot available near me?” This question continues to be one of the most recurring requests in browsers in Spain. However, thanks to mobile applications such as Parkimeter, finding parking in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona has ceased to be a dream and has become a reality.

The advantages and benefits of online parking applications place this tool as one of the best-received technological advances by the Spanish public to find parking in Madrid and in other cities.

The objective of portals such as Parkimeter is to manage, electronically, the reservation of a space in car parks in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium. Its method of use is simple: you synchronize your location with the nearest car park and reserve the space through a fast and intuitive method.

In this way, the thought of ‘it is impossible to park here’ has become a thing of the past and getting a space on time is easier than ever. For this reason, online parking applications have established themselves as one of the most interesting alternatives to find parking in many cities.

Among its main advantages is the saving, avoiding the waste of time and gasoline involved in going around the streets looking for a place. In addition, thanks to the virtual management of reservations, users will not have the problem of losing their parking ticket.

Another advantage is the accessibility and versatility, since the user pays directly through the mobile application, always available through his phone. Likewise, it guarantees a security by being able to select a wide catalog of guarded car parks with a 24-hour service.

Finally, it has a service Customer Support for novice users who need advice and offers Promotions and discountsexpanding savings at certain times of the year.



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