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Tenoch Huerta: “I realized that I was tight when I entered the world of cinema”

In this new chapter of Speaking… to WarkentinW Radio journalist Gabriela Warkentin talks with actor Tenoch Huerta following the publication of her new book, Tight Pride, an exercise in reflection on silenced racism in Mexico. Huerta talks about a system that soaks everything in small acts of racism that go unnoticed, and also about his personal experience in the world of cinema, trying to gain a foothold in an industry in which, for the moment, one can only assimilate to the way of being and being dominant. “I realized that he was tight when he entered the world of cinema,” says Huerta.

The actor has participated in series of height Narcos: Mexicoin the role of Rafael Caro Quintero, and is going to star in the new Marvel film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, in which he plays the role of Namor. Combative and provocative, his personality on social networks talking about a silenced scourge has generated a heated debate that doesn’t seem to bother him.

Tenoch Huerta has not been able to avoid making this problem his little crusade: “They taught us to feel ashamed of being who we are, since they told us that our grandparents were savages who reaped hearts and ate them for breakfast, and they never told us that our grandparents built a city on a lake that never flooded.

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