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Ten other ex-soldiers who participated in the ‘death flights’ in Argentina sentenced to life in prison

Secretariat of Human Rights – SECRETARIAT OF HUMAN RIGHTS

The Federal Oral Court number two of San Martín, in Buenos Aires, has sentenced this Wednesday to life imprisonment ten ex-soldiers for their responsibilities in the ‘death flights’ carried out from Campo de Mayo during the last civic-military dictatorship in the country.

Likewise, the court has issued another nine sentences of between 4 and 22 years in prison for other former members of the Armed Forces and security forces accused in the Campo de Mayo case, after having been accused of crimes against humanity, as reported by the Telam agency.

The sentence comes after almost two years of oral proceedings, and is added to other sentences that were handed down years ago for similar procedures in other torture centers.

Likewise, the conviction takes place two days after four other former soldiers were also sentenced to the maximum sentence for the same charges.

Among the crimes for which they have been tried are the illegal deprivation of liberty, the imposition of torture on the victims for being politically persecuted, homicides committed with treachery and in some cases also rapes with the participation of two or more people, according to detailed the said agency.

This is the second trial for the death flights in the Army, and during the debate it was possible to prove, through the testimonies of former conscripts, the operation of this planned and systematic machinery that was used to disappear and eliminate thousands of people, as has been maintained by the Argentine Human Rights Secretariat.

The ‘flights of death’ are a murder method consisting of throwing people into the sea from a plane and used by the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983, in order to murder the disappeared detainees and eliminate the evidence of the crime.

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