Technology Tariq defends a crazy ace in Counter-Strike 2 and stuns the online...

Tariq defends a crazy ace in Counter-Strike 2 and stuns the online community

After years of rumours, the limited beta version of Counter-Strike 2 has finally gone live and it took Tariq less than two games before registering his first crack at the new Source 2 engine. Valve has been keeping fans and FPS enthusiasts on their toes for years, anticipating what the successor to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Riot Games, Valorant, could offer.

After several leaks and rumors about coding the Source 2 engine in CS:GO, Valve has officially put an end to the rumors and announced a ‘Limited Test’ beta on March 22, 2023.

A select few content creators, including Michael “shroud”, Eric “fl0m”, Alex “machine”, and Jordan, promising a “complete overhaul of every system, every piece of content, and every part of the CS experience.” “n0thing” got special access to verify these new promises and tested the Source 2 engine.

New game, old Tariq

During his live broadcast on March 22, 2023, popular American content creator and former CS pro “Tarik” Celik surprised viewers with a slip into Valve’s new shooter in his second game after waiting for the access to the limited beta test version of CS 2.

After tweaking his settings and playing a couple of deathmatches, the former Evil Genius rifleman jumped into the first game of the Counter-Strike 2 unranked tournament.

The first map was released cautiously, with everyone trying to get acquainted with the new engine, with the best of North America and the party heaped up in Shroud-shaped gills.

(Time stamp: 2:08:00)

It didn’t take long for Tariq to get a feel for the game though, as it featured the next map. The round in question began with the Sentinels content creator pushing the catwalk before Bomber A took out two CT players.

With two crisp headshots, the 27-year-old himself couldn’t believe how the new Source 2 engine worked. After hunting down the three remaining players on the map and racking up five headshots, an unconscious Tariq said:

“I got my first CS 2 ace.”

Before Selig celebrated his feat, Eric “fl0m” was quick to remind the New Yorker that it doesn’t matter who gets the first ticket in the game, it matters who gets the ticket online first.

In fact, these are words of wisdom as many content creators have uploaded their respective aces to the internet, with British CS pro Owen “Smooya” another taking out all five opponents during the live stream.

Twitch Chat Reacts To Tarik’s First CS 2 Ace

Twitch chat reacts to swiping (Image – Twitch)

Selig’s fans were beyond ecstatic about his first slip, understandably with lots of “EZ,” “Sheeesh,” and the popular PogU Twitch BTTV emote to encourage and promote his “Lil Pro.”

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