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    NewsUSATaiwan hosts the fifth visit of a US delegation in a month as tensions with China continue

    Taiwan hosts the fifth visit of a US delegation in a month as tensions with China continue

    File – The Republican governor of the state of Arizona, Doug Ducey. – GAGE ​​SKIDMORE / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

    The Government of Taiwan has received this week the fifth visit of a US political delegation in the last month, while tensions continue with Beijing, which considers the island part of its territory and this type of meeting a violation of the law of one China which he signed in 1979 with Washington.

    The last to appear there was the Republican Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, visiting the island for the next three days, where he will meet with the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu .

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    “Arizona’s strong partnership with Taiwan spans decades,” Ducey said after meeting Wednesday with a group of American and Taiwanese businessmen on the occasion of “America Business Day,” an annual event held in Taiwan to promote trade and investment.

    Ducey is the second US governor to visit Taiwan this month, after Indiana’s fellow Republican Eric Holcomb. Last weekend, another party colleague, Senator Marsha Blackburn, also attended.

    In mid-August, it was Democratic Senator Edward Markey who was encouraged to travel to Taiwan, leading a delegation that also included Republicans to show Washington’s support for the “increasing authoritarian pressure” that Beijing would be exerting against a territory that it considers its own. .

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    However, the most posh visit, the one that started the rest of those that have been happening, was that of the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, at the beginning of August, which provoked an angry response from of China carrying out military exercises.

    This latest visit also comes shortly after it became known this week that the Joe Biden Administration plans to present to Congress an arms sale plan valued at 1.1 billion dollars for Taiwan.

    Source: Europa Press

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