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    NewsWorldSyria | No humanitarian aid in the northwest affected by the earthquake

    Syria | No humanitarian aid in the northwest affected by the earthquake

    ANDhe northwest of Syria is still without humanitarian aid.

    The lack of heavy machinery and well-equipped teams slows down rescue operations in Syria.

    However, despite the slim chances, the White Helmets of Idlib province continue to rescue entire families from the rubble.

    Infrastructure damage from years of civil war has also complicated the delivery of aid following Monday’s devastating earthquake in the region.

    Many residential buildings have been destroyed, leaving thousands of people homeless. Low temperatures make rescue efforts difficult, while many of the displaced are forced to stay on the streets.

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    Yusef Al-Hasawy, a Syrian displaced from the city of Aleppo explains: “To survive, where else can people go? They have no options, they have no houses, they have no shops, where can they go? They can only rest here until let the situation improve.”

    For the survivors the situation is even worse in the northwest.

    Rebel-controlled areas near the Turkish border cannot receive aid from government-controlled parts of Syria without authorization from Damascus

    The UN has asked the authorities to put aside their previous policies to now ensure that rescue teams can continue their work.

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    More than 1,500 people have been killed in Idlib province alone, as Basar al-Assad’s government blames the lack of aid on European and US sanctions.

    Source: Euronews Español


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