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Sweet, but deceptive: Profeco withdraws 30 brands of flour for ‘hot cakes’ from Mexican supermarkets

Of American origin, ‘hot cakes’ have become popular for breakfast among Mexicans.carlosrojas20 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Fluffy, almost always sweet and served for breakfast, the hot cakes They are part of the classic breakfasts consumed by Mexicans. Although the prepared flours that are sold in the country to prepare this dish, can be misleading or directly a scam for diners. The most recent quality study carried out on the flours to prepare hot cakes carried out by the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) found that 30 brands do not meet the minimum consumption standards.

The analysis, published in the Consumer Review of the month of April, shows that the flours to prepare this food bear titles on their labels that are misleading or false, such as “gluten-free”, “reduced in sugar” or “kosher”, while other brands contain less product than that do or do not contain the actual information about the amount of sugars, sodium or saturated fats in their packages.

Some captions can be directly subjective: “our smile guarantee”, “simple, real and natural”, “temptation free” or “the perfect balance in producing a hot cakes healthy”, among other slogans, were described by the organization

Of the 30 brands that Profeco is removing from supermarkets, the most recognized brands on the shelves of Mexican stores and supermarkets are Gamesa, Quaker, Pronto, Tasty and Alta Nutricion.

According to Gastronomic Dictionary of Larousse, the hot cakes They are thick crepes of American origin that in Latin America, “refers to a cake similar to a crepe, but thicker, that is covered with dulce de leche, honey, jam or chocolate. It is also used for salty preparations. The Profeco indicates that the prepared flours that are distributed in Mexico are made from wheat, corn, rice, oats, soybeans, tapioca, chickpeas, almonds, coconut, amaranth and banana.



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