News World Sudan | First evacuations of foreign civilians in Sudan

Sudan | First evacuations of foreign civilians in Sudan

TOSaudi Arabia and the United States have carried out the first exit operations

The evacuations of foreign civilians in Sudan are taking place amid a brief truce “broken before it started”, as the Sudanese army acknowledges.

The first to leave were 157 people repatriated from Saudi Arabia.

The US military evacuated by air some 100 people, including 70 diplomats and their families.

So will Spanish, British, French and Chinese.

The evacuations come as the conflict enters its second week. Khartoum residents continue to suffer heavy fighting in the city center after more than a week of violence between the army and the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group.

More than 400 people have died and 3,551 have been injured, according to the World Health Organization. Residents of the Sudanese capital now live in a war zone, as many targets, including military headquarters and the presidential palace, are close to neighboring homes.

There are many citizens who remain terrified inside their homes, without electricity or water. Some have ventured out just to get food or to try to flee.

Source: Euronews Espanol



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