TechnologyStealth Fighter Inspired Autonomous Bike for High End Combat Combat - Yango Design

Stealth Fighter Inspired Autonomous Bike for High End Combat Combat – Yango Design

Future battles will be fought between robotic armored machines that have no limit to the number of limbs, physical limitations, or firepower capabilities. A large part of the AI-dominated battlefield will be filled with never-before-seen vehicles.

Although I’m not trying to create a plot for sci-fi movies, more or less, in future wars things will be completely different from ours. Until the AI ​​develops its own consciousness, not a soul will be lost!

Designer: Fang E

With a reverberating Batmobile vibe, this futuristic bike isn’t meant for Gotham vigilantism, but for modern warfare in a dystopian world. Called a motorcycle drone, it is meant to be a machine that can detect hidden threats in hostile military locations or restore order through intelligent surveillance in volatile cities. The vehicle has a reinforced armored shell for tough situations and options to upgrade weapons or upgrade battery power when needed.

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The motorcycle drone will be fully autonomous and powered by AI to complete high-quality tasks. One of the main advantages of such a machine is its ability to sustain 24/7 combat operations or city patrol requirements without any human error. Although the matte-black, two-wheeled machine appears to have a connection to the future Batman, the similarities end there. This bike is designed for a future dominated by robots, cyborgs, drones, and of course, hyper-intelligent AI.

The bike’s side wings can retract or open inside the frame depending on riding conditions and speed. A drag reduction configuration hides the sidewalls to cut through the dense airflow. For low speed units, the wings are retracted for better balance. The motorcycle drone must be powered by an electric drivetrain and have a stealthy presence for covert missions. A rugged design with a commanding rear rake indicates the machine is made for tough jobs only.

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