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    TechnologyStarlink offers unlimited and uninterrupted internet worldwide for a price of about 200 euros per month

    Starlink offers unlimited and uninterrupted internet worldwide for a price of about 200 euros per month

    starlinkthe satellite internet service from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space company, continues its powerful advance with a long-term goal in mind: to offer internet anywhere in the world at a more or less affordable price.

    At the moment, the Starlink service is available in various regions of the world, such as Western Europe, the United States or some Latin American countries, even reaching Ukraine due to intermittent cuts caused by the war.

    On Starlink’s own website, a fairly competitive price for the service is shown, so 70 euros per month. Although the company itself warns that, being a relatively new service, connection cuts may occur.

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    In this way, users who already use satellite internet have received a message from the company with a very juicy offer, although undoubtedly expensive.

    Thus, Starlink now allows users who already paid a monthly fee to access a improved plan, without any type of interruption, available anywhere on the planet and for a cost of about 200 euros per month.

    What is Starlink? Elon Musk’s ambitious project to bring the internet to the most remote areas of the Earth

    That yes, to the total price it would be necessary to add the installation of the devices necessary to connect to the network that, for the moment, in Spain it costs 450 eurosan investment still quite expensive.

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    The new service is known as Global Roaming Service and it joins other Starlink plans, such as virtual reality, with a price of approximately 130 euros per month, as well as an ambitious project for ships to have unlimited internet.

    Beyond this, Elon Musk’s company seeks to conquer any segment that needs internet, and also has a plan for planes to have Wi-Fi, Starlink Aviationavailable from this year for a price between 12,750 and 25,500 euros.

    However, the new Internet service around the world also comes with an unpleasant surprise, since Starlink will not bear any customs duties or import taxes from the different countries.

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    With this, it is expected that the price will be moderately higher than the 650 euros needed to start using the Global Roaming Service.

    Finally, last year up to 400,000 people used Starlink, with a presence in 36 countries, although focused primarily on the United States. With which the number of users could increase with these new plans.


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