GamingSquare Enix joins the Oasys blockchain alongside big names...

Square Enix joins the Oasys blockchain alongside big names…

While some are fighting to fight for the environment with the ZEvent 2022, others are throwing themselves into the blockchain, a lucrative market that can pay off big, but unstable and not so good for the planet.

Square Enix Oasys

Square Enix and its NFTs

For several months (even years), the video game industry has been hit hard by this new trend which has seen the birth of several “metavers”, games stuffed with NFTs and other projects of the genre. While some publishers and development studios have said they are against this new trend, others like Ubisoft or Konami have tried their luck. This is also the case of Square Enix, which after having expressed interest in the matter on several occasions, finally decides to take the plunge by joining the Oasys project, an environmentally friendly blockchain. Except that by nature, this is not the case, we are not going to lie to you either.

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Square Enix thus becomes the 21st participant (and node validator) in this future currency which will be launched by Oasys a little later. The Japanese firm joined at the same time Ubisoft, Com2us or bandai namco which have already been on file for a while.
This new partnership aims to help Oasys to develop, but also to allow Square Enix to offer NFT content, in the not so distant future, using the new Oasys currency. As highlighted by GamerIndustry, the publisher claims to study “the feasibility of exploiting user contributions in the development of new games on the Oasys blockchain”. That promises.

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