Technology Spotify adds a button in the Anchor app that improves podcast audio...

Spotify adds a button in the Anchor app that improves podcast audio by reducing background noise

New sound enhancement feature by reducing background noise in Spotify’s podcast app, Anchor. – ANCHOR

Spotify has included in its podcast creation platform anchor a button with the one improves the audio quality of these recordingsreducing background noise and emphasizing the voice with the audio editing tool ‘Podcast Audio Enhancement’.

Spotify intends that any user who has a mobile phone and the Anchor application can record a podcast with good sound quality, in a simple and anywhere.

To do this, all you have to do is press the ‘Podcast Audio Enhancement’ button to activate it. Automatically reduce background noise while bringing your voice level and to the fore.

‘Podcast Audio Enhancement’ technology enhances what the smartphone’s built-in microphone can record. As a result, audio with good sound, regardless of whether it was recorded in a noisy environment like a convention, a restaurant or even on the street.

As Spotify has indicated on the Anchor blog, the user will no longer have to “set up a studio at home” or invest in a quality microphone to get a good result.

“Inspiration can come at any time, anywhere, and in any way,” they have expressed from Anchor. The new implementation is already available to all Anchor users globally for free, and is compatible for both iOS as for Android.

“There’s never been a better time to start recording. And if you’ve already been streaming podcasts on Anchor, now you can still sound like you’re sitting in front of a microphone,” Spotify added.

With this, Spotify follows in the wake of other apps like Zoom or Google Meet, They also offer background noise reduction technology. However, the multimedia streaming services company intends to go a step further by trying to improve audio at a podcast level.



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