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    NewsWorldSpain offers nationality to the last 94 Nicaraguans stripped of theirs

    Spain offers nationality to the last 94 Nicaraguans stripped of theirs

    The Government of Spain has extended to the last 94 Nicaraguan citizens to whom the Daniel Ortega regime has withdrawn their nationality this week the offer of Spanish nationality, as reported this Friday in a statement. This was communicated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, to the writer, Cervantes Prize winner and former Vice President of Nicaragua, Sergio Ramirez, who had written a letter to President Pedro Sanchez, after learning of the Nicaraguan Government’s announcement this Wednesday.

    This offer is added to the one made a few days ago to the 222 political prisoners released and deported by Ortega to the US, to whom he applied civil death, taking away their citizen rights and nationality.

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    According to the statement from the Spanish Government, its proposal extends “to any citizen of Nicaragua who in the future may be left stateless due to the decisions of the Government of Daniel Ortega.”

    This Wednesday, the Ortega regime announced the withdrawal of nationality from almost a hundred people, including writers, journalists, activists and former state officials, who have been accused of “traitors to the homeland” for being critical of the Nicaraguan government. . Some of these people remain in the country, but others, like Sergio Ramirez, had to leave it to avoid being arrested.

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    The writer had already expressed his satisfaction with the Spanish government’s decision to offer nationality to the Nicaraguans deported a few days ago, some of them former colleagues of his during the Sandinista revolution. “A beautiful gesture from the Government of Spain in offering nationality to the 222 exiled political prisoners, who will thus have a homeland as long as Nicaragua does not recover freedom and democracy. Thanks to President Sanchez Castejon and Minister Jose Manuel Albares for their solidarity,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

    The writer has also taken to social networks now to express what he feels after his nationality was withdrawn by the Ortega regime: “Nicaragua is what I am and everything I have, and that I will never stop being, nor leave to have, my memory and my memories, my language and my writing, my fight for their freedom for which I have pledged my word. The more Nicaragua they take from me, the more Nicaragua I have».

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