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    TechnologySony says Microsoft prevents adoption of PS Plus on Xbox and calls the vision of including Game Pass on PlayStation "hollow"

    Sony says Microsoft prevents adoption of PS Plus on Xbox and calls the vision of including Game Pass on PlayStation “hollow”

    Archive – The renewed PlayStation Plus service is now available in Spain. -SONY. – File, Archive

    PlayStation has ensured that Microsoft does not allow Sony’s multi-game subscription service, PlayStation Plus, becomes available for Xboxwith respect to which he has underlined that Microsoft’s position of introducing Game Pass on PlayStation is “hollow”.

    Microsoft had previously offered include Game Pass on the platform from Sony, so that PlayStation players can access exclusive content from Game Pass. However, as revealed by the latest report issued by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is investigating the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, Sony also tried to offer its subscription service to include it with Microsoft and was denied by Microsoft.

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    In this way, Sony has explained that Microsoft’s positionwhich appeals to the Game Pass availability on PlayStation would be a “panacea” to fix the damage of buying Activision Blizzard, sounds “particularly hollow”. “And more if we take into account that Microsoft does not make PlayStation Plus available on Xbox.” you added in your answer.

    Also, sony has influenced that the The possibility of using Game Pass would not facilitate competition from rival multi-game subscription services (PS Plus in the case of Sony), as Microsoft suggests.

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    In this sense, none of the companies shows intention of offering the service of the competition on their own platforms. Above all, in the case of Sony with Game Pass, since according to PlayStation could end its own PS Plus service.

    These statements fall within the dispute between Sony and Microsoft over the latter’s purchase agreement of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billionwhich, according to Sony’s criticism, could lead to a monopoly scenario.

    Above all, one of the main purchasing problems is the Call of Duty game rightsthat already would not be available for PlayStation and that Sony considers essential because, as he has said, “it has no competitor.”

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