Gaming Some players can test The Sims 5 from this October 25 –...

Some players can test The Sims 5 from this October 25 – L& …

Announced a few days ago under the name of Project Rene, the future Sims 5 from Maxis and EA does not currently have official release date, although it should be sometime in 2023 after a slew of new content for The Sims 4 which, in turn, has gone free. According to information from Tom Henderson, a test version is open from October 25 but for a selection of players only.

How to play The Sims 5?

Project Rene is already well advanced in the studios of Maxis, which has had almost 10 years to refine its new title. Reading between the lines of the ad, the game also seems to be heading towards a live-service title which will update over time and which could even lose its numbering, like what EA did (again) with Skate. So the studio needs the feedback of its players even more to polish the product.

According to various sources, a pre-alpha session is underway, but for that, you must have an official invitation. Only players subscribers to the EA Playtesting program can try to obtain access, the studio being responsible for selecting players from the profiles of suitors. In this case, you have to check your mailbox. The lucky recipients receive an email that states:

You are welcome to test a pre-alpha of Project Rene. We’re looking to build the best experience possible, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and what you think..

If in doubt, you can always try to regain access by registering for EA’s playtester program. Note that you can also invite several friends to join you if you have access.



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