NewsAfricaSomalia creates a television channel to give "precise information" about the fight against Al Shabaab

Somalia creates a television channel to give “precise information” about the fight against Al Shabaab

Archive – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud – STUART PRICE / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO

Somali authorities have announced the launch of a new television channel to report on operations against Al Shabaab and counter the terrorist group’s propaganda, amid increased military offensives on the ground.

The channel, SNTV Daljir, has been inaugurated by the president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, according to the state television channel, SNTV, which has detailed that the new medium “will cover information on military operations against terrorists and will give the public accurate information on the land”.

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The Somali authorities announced in early November that they were prohibiting the use of the name Al Shabaab to refer to this terrorist group, which maintains ties to Al Qaeda, and demanded that it be referred to as ‘jauarij’, a word that means “deviant sect”.

On the other hand, the authorities have announced the death of close to 50 presumed members of Al Shabaab in an operation by the security forces in the Lower Shabelle region in which they had the support of international allies.

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The operation took place in the Buulo Madino area and resulted in the destruction of weapons and vehicles of the terrorist group, which is reportedly preparing “conspiracies to cause harm to the people of Somalia,” according to a statement from the Ministry of Information.

Somalia has increased offensives against Al Shabaab in recent months with the support of clans and local militias as part of a series of decisions taken by the president, who promised upon taking office to put the fight against terrorism at the center of his efforts to stabilize the country. african country.

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