HealthSo you can support your partner if they face cancer

So you can support your partner if they face cancer

There are multiple pieces of advice that can help cancer patients cope with their condition through their partner

The cancer patient tends to present some complications that he cannot assume alone, that is, his state of independence is broken, many times he cannot go out, he cannot feed himself, he cannot go to medical check-ups, since cancer is a condition that tends to affect the entire organism and systems that are important to be able to carry out the different daily or routine actions that an individual possesses.

The accompaniment is essential, since it can not only benefit patients physically and in exercising some activities, but it can also help those individuals who present psychological complications due to the side effects that the disease or the treatments of the various pathologies may have. .

The partner of the patient diagnosed with cancer also feels some sensations of fear, fear, anxiety and uncertainty, that is why mutual support is essential to be able to get out of an emotional mishap, according to the National Cancer Institute the main reasons why who feel some sensations of mental stress as a couple are:

  • Supporting each other and how to communicate;
  • face the new sensations that arise from the condition;
  • decision making where the main theme is the relationship and the disease;
  • the actions and activities that are carried out daily at home;
  • the connection as a couple;
  • the “mandatory” change of routine;
  • changes in social life.
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Tips to be a fundamental support in couple

There are some guidelines that can be intensified in life as a couple so that the quality of life can be improved and the relationship is a tool to be able to get ahead of a pathology considered chronic, according to the National Cancer Institute there are tips that should be consider:

  • Share decisions: It is necessary that the couple be taken into account in order to be able to face the condition and the treatment that is going to be managed according to the need to prepare for the future due to secondary effects.
  • Mutual help: many times the person suffering from the disease was characterized as the guide or the brave person within the family, it is essential that the condition is accepted and the person allows the help of their spouse.
  • Stress: It is necessary for both the patient and his partner to be frank when stress is present, in order to find a way to treat this disorder and avoid future arguments and reaffirm their union.
  • A team: a functional team is important when cancer comes to the life of an individual, it is essential that they talk about those decisions that they make as a group and individually.
  • Couple time: doing the various actions that the patient and their spouse used to do is essential for the patient and their partner to feel that their relationship is relevant, it cannot be overlooked that there are days when the patient may not have the best attitude, it is That is why it is best to make simple but special plans.
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Cancer is a disease that tends to affect the social and personal life of the patient, that is why accepting the pathology and looking for help tools to strengthen those ties is the most valuable thing, in order to have help and a great company and There is nothing better for this than someone who loves them.

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