TechnologySo you can subscribe to SkyShowtime forever for less than 3 euros

So you can subscribe to SkyShowtime forever for less than 3 euros

A new one is added to the complete offer of streaming platforms: SkyShowtime arrives in Spain this 2023 with an appetizing catalogue.

The arrival date is February 28, the price is very juicy compared to its competitors, and it also comes with a special introductory offer that will allow you to hire SkyShowtime for less than 3 euros per month.

He Showtime’s normal price in our country is already quite cheap: it will only cost 5.99 euros per month2 euros cheaper than the basic Netflix plan without ads, 3 euros below the cost of Disney Plus and HBO Max and one euro more expensive than Amazon Prime Video.

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Steps to hire SkyShowtime at half price forever


To celebrate its arrival in Spain and Andorra at the end of this month and to encourage new subscribers to sign up for its streaming services, SkyShowtime makes available to users an introductory offer that is quite an expert in candy: the subscription for less than 3 euros per month, and forever.

The deadline to get the 50% lifetime discount is for a limited time, so you should hurry to get it in the coming weeks (or months, since the end of the promotion has not been specified). It is very simple, and you will only have to complete the following steps:

  • Access through the website
  • Enter your data
  • You will receive a 50% discount
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From this moment onyou will get only 2.99 euros per month for SkyShowtime forever, instead of the 5.99 euros that will be the conventional amount. It is impossible for you to find anything cheaper in the entire streaming market.

Other of the main advantages of SkyShowtime are the possibility of unlimited reproductions and downloads, the reproduction of content on up to 3 devices simultaneously and the activation of 5 personalized profiles for each member of the family.

The special limited time subscription to SkyShowtime It is cheaper than 2 family pizzas from Domino’s, than movie tickets for a family of 5 in Madrid on a Saturday night, or than a ticket to spend a day in PortAventura.

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