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    LifestyleSo you can get free shipping on Amazon Spain without having a Prime account

    So you can get free shipping on Amazon Spain without having a Prime account

    So you can get free shipping on Amazon Spain without having a Prime account

    Update 03-19-2023: In addition to making it look easier to read, we’ve also added two ways to get free Amazon items and a table where shipping with pickup is better understood.

    Amazon offers free shipping for users without a premium accountthat is, subscription to Amazon Prime, although it has incorporated this option without raising its voice much.

    Several options can be considered to ensure that some shipments do not have any type of shipping costs.

    Being Amazon Prime there will be many more options and you will not have to be so selective, but if it is not worth paying the 49.99 euros per year or 4.99 euros per monththese can be some good solutions.

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    At least it is interesting to know the possibilities and then decide.

    Index of contents:

    The collection point

    The first way to avoid paying for shipping costs is to choose an Amazon collection point when sending the product.

    Of course, the ecommerce giant does not stipulate a limit of free shipping per account; it only stipulates that the shipment must be a standard shipment. You must be clear that you will have to adhere to the schedules of these collection points.

    Amazon Spain has free shipping

    The products that usually enter this modality are the practically all of those that are sent by Amazon.

    As for the Amazon collection points, there are the amazon lockersthe American company’s own ticket offices, shops of a lifetime that may be subscribed to Celeritas, some even have an entry dimension, or distribution points of Seur, MRW or UPS.

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    Pick up point Shipment ID pickup
    Amazon Hub Apartment Locker eligible addresses Login three calendar days
    Amazon Hub Locker During the order process Code three calendar days
    Amazon Hub Counter During the order process Code seven calendar days
    collection points During the order process Identification document 14 calendar days

    Orders less than 29 euros

    There is another way to ensure that they do not charge you anything for sending you some products from Amazon, but you must be very attentive to the cost of what you want.

    if you do orders less than 29 eurosshipping costs will be free in all shopping What do you do on Amazon?

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    If what you buy are books, this minimum is reduced to 19 eurosso all those with a lower price will get you home for no money.

    small items

    amazon too send certain products for free that can be considered as small or light.

    Those that can have extremely low prices, becoming cheaper than the standard shipping of the store itself.

    Here you must go around and look for the products that mark as free shipping, but that have nothing to do with Prime.

    These are the ways you can get free shipping on Amazon.


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