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Smash Bros. Pro is roasted by the boy’s mom after talking to a teenager

At a recent video game tournament in Texas, a professional super smash bros ultimate After winning an important match against a young player, the player badmouthed the 15-year-old. He smash The community reaction was mostly negative, and things took a turn for the worse for the trash-talking professional when the boy’s mother chimed in, calling the ill-winner a “classless” and a “loser.”

Low Tide City 2023A large multi-sport sporting event took place in Texas over the weekend of May 13-14. One of the most important sports presented at the event. super smash bros ultimate, Nintendo’s most popular platform fighting game, combines various characters from different Nintendo franchises with guest appearances in one giant, chaotic mess. During the Top 8 tournament on the weekend, smash dependence Enrique “Master” Hernandez He says he is more intense and negative with his rival of 15 years, A person named Sirup.

Reported by deserted, after winning a match against Team Syrup, Master Syrup punches Syrup, then tells the younger player, “You suck.” Esports player Jude “Juckal” Harris Tweeted the DM script It recounts incident after incident.

Meister would finish third overall in the tournament, and also won the doubles at the event.

Sirup’s mom takes revenge on the Master on Twitter

After the game, the teacher took to Twitter to try to justify his badmouthing the boy. But Sirap’s mother jumped. Automatically respond to Pro Player. She told the teacher that he was a loser and that he had “zero sportsmanship.”

«As an old man, I think that players like you have no class or sportsmanship. Even if you win, you’re still a loser,” he tweeted. “I have great respect for all the soldiers, but you guys are inferior! No doubt.”

Shortly after this response, Master deleted his initial tweet in which he tried to justify his actions. He posted a lengthy apology.. According to the teacher, he tried to talk to Sirup after the incident, but the boy was not interested. He said that he “shouldn’t have spoken ill of him” not only because of Sirap’s young age, but also because the young contestant “didn’t do anything to me or say anything to me” before, during and after the match.

«[Syrup] A great player with a lot of potential in him, he finished ninth in a big tournament tonight for a reason. What I said was unacceptable, I’m sorry,” Master said.

shed Maister and Syrup have been contacted about the situation.

Although this isn’t an “excuse” for why the teacher said what he did, the professional says he forgot how young the syrup is. He concluded his statement and apology by promising to learn from his mistakes and “do better in these situations in the future.”

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Meanwhile, Sirap’s mother’s tweet defaming the teacher went viral. smash Community and received support from other players and fans for his actions. (It certainly helped that it happened the day after Mother’s Day.)

In response to all the well wishes from his son Sirab and his supportive tweet, Orchid thanked everyone For your kind words, support and Mother’s Day wishes. She said she was “really grateful and touched” by all the support for her son.




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