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    SportsSlater Kokok describes the 'unbearable' anxiety he experienced throughout his NHL career

    Slater Kokok describes the ‘unbearable’ anxiety he experienced throughout his NHL career

    Slater Kokok describes the ‘unbearable’ anxiety he experienced throughout his NHL career

    Although according to Edmonton Oils this season, Slater Kokok has yet to play a game during the 2022-23 campaign.

    The 29-year-old did not participate in training camp, general manager Ken Holland told reporters. His mental health must take priority.. Although the Netherlands indicated at the time that the defender would return to the team at some point later in the season, no updates have been provided since.

    As time went on, Koekkoek’s return seemed less likely and the latest update featured by him on his personal LinkedIn page seems to confirm that. In fact, his post, which helped explain why he quit the game, seems to emphasize that he might as well quit the game.

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    I left the game a year ago and thought I’d share a bit of my story the next day in case anyone is embarrassed by their anxiety. You are not alone,” Kokok wrote. “I quit sports because my life got to a point where it was unbearable and unhealthy for my mental health. I would say I played most of my professional games without being able to eat much the night before and the day of the game.”

    Is hockey night in Canada completely on an empty stomach? Let’s do it I guess. Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms, and one of my forms is not being able to eat. ‘Hey cooks, you know the food is free.’ If he fought, he would ask the general manager and trainers to increase the weight. Not to mention the energy required to complete these tasks. It was stressful.”

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    Former NHL defenseman Slater Kokok opened up about his career battle with anxiety this week. (hard)

    Kokok continued:

    «They asked me to go out to dinner with fellow travelers. Knowing that I couldn’t eat, he would isolate me and would usually walk the streets and discreetly take him to my hotel room. No, I kept this.” while I can all my life. My dad was getting a nervous stomach, and that was it. I thought he had done it.

    “But when my performance on the ice was constantly scrutinized, it started a downward spiral. A vicious cycle of having to eat, but not being physically able. Be kind to each other, because you never know what someone is going through. And stop commenting on people. The weight… It’s very different.”

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    This is a very important message that Koekkoek has to share because we often forget that these athletes, while excellent at their particular craft, are just normal people going through the same things as any of us. Regardless of what the future holds for him, be it a return to the ice or some other endeavor, best of luck for Kokok moving forward.

    If this is the end of his playing career, he will stop at 186 career NHL games. Tampa Bay Lightning, Chicago Blackhawks and Oils


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