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    NewsWorldShock in Paris: they find the torso and head of a woman in a central park

    Shock in Paris: they find the torso and head of a woman in a central park

    The quiet paths of the park Buttes Chaumont, in the heart of Paris, these days are emptier than normal due to the fear that has spread due to the horrific discovery made by the police. So far this week, they have found the remains of a dismembered woman: on Monday the torso appeared and on Tuesday the head and other parts.

    The mystery is absolute, since it was not until this Wednesday when they were able to identify the victim. Is about a 46 year old womanwhose disappearance had been reported by her husband days ago.

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    Park maintenance managers were cleaning up in the bushes when they found a suspiciously tightly packed bag of trash. When they opened it, they found a woman’s torso and immediately called the police.

    Francois Dagnaud, head of the 19th district to which the park belongs, has confirmed that the park will remain on high alert and the authorities have taken the investigation of this event as a priority. The compound, in fact, had already been closed when the authorities found head and other remainsamong which is a pelvisnear some nearby roads.

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    Until the situation is clarified, the police are going to be cautious, which is why the name and specific identity of the victim have not been published.

    Fear in Paris, concern at the Elysee

    Parisians are in a state of shock, because this is not the first event, far from it, in recent times. The case of little Lola, the 12-year-old girl whose body was in a suitcase, put the French security services on alert, and Emmanuel Macron is seeing how it is a growing concern among its citizens.

    According to various surveys, concern about insecurity it is growing to limits well above expectations, close to 70% in the most pessimistic.


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