Gaming Shin-Chan game is coming to PlayStation, Switch and PC very soon

Shin-Chan game is coming to PlayStation, Switch and PC very soon

Not long ago, the game Shin-Chan made an appointment for a worldwide release. However, the date was not specified. That’s it: the game is coming very soon.

In Japan, the game was released over a year ago on Switch. It was only several months later that he traveled outside the Japanese regions to land in the rest of Asia. And it still concerned the only console of nintendo.

But soon, very soon, Shin-Chan’s video game adventures will experience new media: PS4 and PC. A new arrival that will be noticed not only in the regions mentioned above, but not only, since the rest of the world, and therefore our old Europeare also in the viewfinder.

A month of August with little Shin-chan

Thus, the rascal of the cult series that we owe to Yoshito Usui will invite us to follow him to his vacation spot, Kumamoto. Fishing, insect hunting, taking on the role of a reporter… to pass the time, there will be many activities.

Activities in which you will therefore be able to take part very soon since this Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey will arrive in just a few days on our PS4, PC (Steam) and Switch, of course. And for good reason, the output is now stopped to August 10, 2022.

Here in the West, the game developed by Millennium Kitchen will only be entitled to a digital release, unlike Japan. And then, small inconvenience for the French player, there will be no translation in the language of Molière.

Source: JVL



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