News Latin America Sheinbaum incorporates the analyst and consultant Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi into his team

Sheinbaum incorporates the analyst and consultant Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi into his team

Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi, on the right, with Gustavo Petro during the Colombian presidential campaign.Camilo Rozo

Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi, the political strategist who led Gustavo Petro to win the presidential elections in Colombia, will join Claudia Sheinbaum’s team. The Spanish analyst and consultant will work in the communication area of ​​the head of the Government of Mexico City, as confirmed to this newspaper, although he did not want to give more details about her role. The incorporation has materialized after several meetings in the Mexican capital, after Petro’s victory in Colombia. Sheinbaum aspires to pick up the witness of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in 2024. Before the dispute at the polls, however, the president will be measured in an internal competition, whose campaign has already begun and has been setting the pace of the debate for more than a year public and the tensions of the party that supports the Administration, Morena.

Gutierrez-Rubi has ​​extensive experience in the dynamics of Latin American politics. Before accompanying Petro, he also advised the Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the current superminister of Economy, Sergio Massa. In Spain he worked with the PSOE, mainly with Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, and also with the PP, arriving in 2018 to crown the victory of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, the first ruler of that party in Andalusia.

Above all, the analyst, who has spent decades studying the scope of political emotions, new technologies and cities as spaces for innovation, is a professional in communication and crisis management. In Colombia, he outlined a strategy that helped the left-wing candidate come back in a scenario that, especially after the first round, seemed adverse in a country that had never had a progressive government. Gutierrez-Rubi never lost his calm and whispered in Petro’s ear, convincing him of the need to widen his circle and offer a truly plural proposal that today is reflected both in his cabinet and in the alliances forged in Congress.

The specificities of Mexico have always made its political ecosystem an exception. Now the consultant measures himself against that horizon in a climate where internal frictions and episodes of dirty war have already surfaced. The electoral map of the country, with an opposition that has not yet recovered from the 2018 blow against Lopez Obrador, suggests that whoever wins the internal selection process for Morena will also be the one who ends up governing. That election will be held in 10 months, as planned.

Sheinbaum, one of the most representative leftist women in Latin America, fights for Morena’s candidacy together with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard. The mayor of the capital faces the challenge of building a national profile and she has been working on this task for months. However, there is another figure very close to the president, the Secretary of the Interior Adan Augusto Lopez, who has been singled out as the true underdog or favorite. He hardly has any public projection, although he currently has the support of a large part of the apparatus of the ruling movement.

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