Lifestyle Shakira is gifted: this is her IQ and her concerns, beyond music

Shakira is gifted: this is her IQ and her concerns, beyond music

At just 13 years old, Shakira signed her first contract with Sony Music, reaping success from an early age.. At the age of 4 he began to write his first poems and a few years later he began to compose with a natural gift.

This talent is extraordinary, but what few people know is that the Colombian is gifted, something that she has shown with an intelligent career in both the Anglo-Saxon and Spanish-speaking world, producing her songs in both languages.

The singer’s IQ is quite high, so 140, when the limit to consider someone gifted is set at 130 points in an intelligence test.

His concerns and passion for learning go beyond music and go through human thought. That is why she has not been satisfied with being a world artist, she has also wanted to develop through studies.

This is the most intellectual side of Shakira

With that goal, in 2007, he enrolled in the Art and History of Western Civilization at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Due to her fame, she could not attend classes or take exams like any anonymous, so she did it camouflaged.

In an interview to The Guardn at that time, he commented that he called himself by his second name and even dressed differently: “He looked like a child. Some people looked at me suspiciouslyothers asked me, but I told them my name was Isabel”.

Recently, he has continued to quench that thirst for study. In full confinement, in 2020, she herself shared through her social networks that she had made a 4-week course in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

“I know my hobbies aren’t practical, but it took me hours after putting the kids to sleep. Thanks to Plato, his predecessors, and the University of Pennsylvania for a 4-week ‘fun’!” he joked in a post.

She pointed out ways from a very young age and being much younger, in 1991, she already declared that she was very attracted to “the study of the mind”, citing psychology, and all the humanities, including philosophy and art history.

In languages ​​it has not been left behind either. Singer He also speaks perfect English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.



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