News Middle East Several silos collapse in the port of Beirut on the second anniversary...

Several silos collapse in the port of Beirut on the second anniversary of the explosion in the Lebanese capital

A part of the silos collapses on the second anniversary of the Beirut explosion -Stringer/dpa

Several silos that were still standing after the huge 2020 explosion in the port of Beirut have collapsed this Thursday in the northern part as a result of a fire declared a week ago in the port infrastructure of the Lebanese capital.

On the second anniversary of the Beirut port explosion, and as protesters and families of port victims in downtown Beirut prepared to demonstrate and demand justice for the event, another four silos fell this Thursday, according to collected Lebanon24.

A few days ago, the Lebanese authorities confirmed another fall of these structures, almost 50 meters high and fifty years old, which at the time of the explosion acted as protection for the western part of the city, and ended up succumbing to the flames after registering a fire.

The flames became in previous days a cause for concern about the situation of the infrastructures in the capital, which recalled this Thursday the explosion of hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the port, which left more than 200 dead and enormous damage. materials in and around the area.

The Government decided in April to demolish the silos, although the decision was suspended due to protests by the families of the victims, who argue that they could contain useful evidence in the ongoing investigation, marked by paralysis and political and judicial obstacles.



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