NewsAsiaSeoul orders striking truckers to return to work after fifteen days of walkouts

Seoul orders striking truckers to return to work after fifteen days of walkouts

South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck Soo. – -/YNA/dpa

The Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck Soo, has reported this Thursday that the Government has ordered the truckers of the petrochemical and steel industry who are on strike to return to work after fifteen days of strikes in amid increasing disruptions in the supply chain.

Han has justified the government’s decision by claiming that this “prolonged and unjustifiable” strike is “seriously” damaging the South Korean industry and economy. In this sense, he has warned that the strikes will affect shipments of key exports, such as the automotive or naval sector.

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This is the second demand by the South Korean government to the transporters on strike to return to their jobs, after last week the truckers of the cement industry were questioned.

“The government’s position is firm. The government will not compromise with illegality or hold them accountable,” Han emphasized this Thursday at a press conference, reports the Yonhap news agency.

Since November 24, thousands of truckers have gone on strike to demand better working conditions and wages.

According to South Korean law, failure to comply with the government’s order to return to work can lead to penalties of up to three years in jail and fines that can reach 30 million won (21,500 euros). Until last week, South Korea had not used this law since it was passed in 2004.

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