NewsWorldScottish Head of Government Nicola Sturgeon will step down

Scottish Head of Government Nicola Sturgeon will step down

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that she will continue to lead the Scottish National Party until her successor is elected. Photo: AFP.

The Scotland’s Chief Minister, pro-independence Nicola Sturgeonannounced this Wednesday his intention to resign after eight years at the head of the regional government of that British region of the United Kingdom.

During a press conference in Edinburgh, the Scottish head of government explained that her decision arose as a matter of duty and love towards Scotland, after having reflected and “wrestled” with this issue for a few weeks.

confirmed that will remain in command of the Scottish National Party (SNP) until his successor is elected.

“Running Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” he told Scottish Government headquarters.

He also noted that the “weight of responsibility was immense.”

Speaking of the “physical and mental impact” the role had on her, and referring to the “nature and scale” of Scotland’s challenges, she said it takes “energy” for political leadership.

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It is my duty to resign at this critical moment.“, said.

Sturgeon alluded to the pressures of the job, saying it’s tough “and sometimes unforgiving.”

“I don’t expect violins to be played here, but I am a human being as well as being a politician,” she said.

The Scottish leader spoke of wanting to have more time for your family or your friends.

He assured that the work can only be done for a certain time and that, in his case, “it runs the risk of taking too long.”

Scottish independence

Sturgeon has been Scotland’s leader since November 2014, when he replaced Alex Salmond, from his own party, after a failed independence referendum.

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During his tenure, he was at the forefront of the fight for recognition of the Scottish Government, as well as the need for a new vote on independence.

On March 11, 2021, Sturgeon announced his intention to hold a new referendum on the independence of Scotland.

This initiative, which the Scottish Government intended to carry out this year, had as its aim to end the union between Scotland and the United Kingdom.

The announcement of the call for a new referendum generated great controversy in the United Kingdom.

While Sturgeon defended the decision to carry out the referendum as legitimate, the Government and the British Justice considered that the call is illegal, since it violates the legislation established in 1998.

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Supporters of Scottish independence defend their position arguing that the region has every right to determine its future and that the British government must respect the will of the Scots.

Sturgeon reiterated this Wednesday his Criticism of the blockade of the second independence referendumsomething he described as a “democratic atrocity”.

For their part, supporters of maintaining the union between Scotland and the United Kingdom point out that the referendum is a threat to the security and stability of the region.

If the referendum is approved and its result is positive, Scotland would become a sovereign state with its own economy and governmentand would be the first country from the United Kingdom to gain independence since the union’s creation 300 years ago.


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