Technology Samsung sees TikTok’s StemDrop “a tool to democratize the music industry”

Samsung sees TikTok’s StemDrop “a tool to democratize the music industry”

Mobile Experience Europe Product Manager Mark Holloway – SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS

Samsung considers that StemDrop, the new format that TikTok has introduced to discover and produce songs, as “a tool to democratize the music industry”, according to the product manager of Mobile Experience for Europe, Mark Holloway.

The South Korean technology manufacturer announced a few days ago its collaboration with the content platform TikTok to host a new format that is committed to collaboration between content creators and artists.

StemDrop is a functionality that is available on the ByteDance service from this Wednesday and is used to record and produce music videos from songs created by popular and successful artists.

For the Mobile Experience product manager for Europe, this format “It’s an opportunity for all artists to collaborate with some of the best known names in the composition and production of songs within the music industry”, as he commented in an interview with Europa Press.

Thus, StemDrop is presented as “a tool to democratize the music industry” which will offer all artists “a platform to showcase their talent”, added Holloway, who claims to have found “a brilliant ‘partner'” in TikTok.

With this, the director has recognized that the technological manufacturer feels “the responsibility of constantly looking for ways to foster creativity” and that he hopes that this new service will act “as an incubator for new talent, art and creativity”.

In this sense, he highlighted Samsung’s journey in the field of the music industry and the different associations and solutions presented by the company in recent years. “Samsung’s mission in championing creativity in the music industry comes from afar”Holloway said.

Thus, he referred to Samsung Spotlight, an initiative that emerged in the pandemic aimed at supporting artists as a platform to showcase their skills and talents. He has also mentioned his association with Universal Music in the so-called ‘Music Galaxy Days’, which allows music lovers to access exclusive interviews and performances.

However, Holloway has stressed that Samsung’s goal is to “show the role that technological innovation can and must play in the defense of creativity in any of its forms” and that from the firm “they are excited” to see where this collaboration takes them, without giving more details about future associations.


To make the most of StemDrop’s capabilities, Holloway has highlighted the features of Samsung’s latest releases in both its mobility and mobile ranges. sound accessories.

“Users can make their StemDrops look and sound amazing with the creativity and innovation that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 offers,” said Holloway, who also highlighted Samsung’s interest in combining its technology with the capabilities of the Chinese platform. .

“Z Flip4 breaks the boundaries when it comes to photo and video taking, allowing creators to shoot their music videos hands-free by activating the FlexCam, making it possible to create unique compositions that could not be accomplished by editing“, has added.

The possibilities of this newly released format on TikTok are magnified thanks to headphones Galaxy Buds2 Pro, with which users can both record (eliminating background noise simultaneously) and play content, in HiFi quality.



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