TechnologySamsung Introduces Camera Grip and Slim Tripod Modular Accessories

Samsung Introduces Camera Grip and Slim Tripod Modular Accessories

Samsung Introduces Camera Grip and Slim Tripod Modular Accessories

March 17, 2023

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series boasts some impressive camera hardware, and now Samsung is offering users a couple of accessories to use their cameras. The official Samsung Camera Grip and Slim Tripod are modular accessories that are compatible with the Samsung Gadget Case. The slim, clear silicone case comes with a special attachment point on the back, allowing you to swap various accessories.

Samsung Camera Grip Mount

The new camera grip comes with a removable Bluetooth shutter button and grip portion for a more traditional shooting experience. The grip accessory has a tripod hidden inside the mount and it rotates, so you can hold your phone in different ways. The camera grip accessory comes in a single white color and is already listed on Samsung’s UK site with no pricing details.

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The Slim Tripod Stand works as its name suggests, allowing you to prop your Galaxy S23 device up on its three metal legs. It can also be used as a vlog grip accessory to keep your legs flat and extended. The Slim Tripod Stand comes in a single silver color and is listed on the official Samsung UK website for £34. The listed price does not include the Samsung Grip Case, which is required for the new attached stands and costs £49/$45.

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Samsung Slim Tripod

Camera Grip Mount • Slim Tripod Mount


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