Technology Sam Altman responds to Elon Musk and his criticism of OpenAI: “He’s...

Sam Altman responds to Elon Musk and his criticism of OpenAI: “He’s an idiot” but “he really cares”

OpenAI founder and CEO Sam Altman has responded to criticism from OpenAI co-founder Elon Musk that the ChatGPT developer has become a “maximum profit company” thanks to its multibillion-dollar partnership with Microsoft.

The CEO of OpenAI says that your company is “independent” of Microsoft and notes that the tech giant does not have a seat on the OpenAI board.

Altman made the comments on an episode of the podcast. On With Kara Swisher which was published on Thursday, and responded to the Musk’s complaint on Twitter last month that OpenAI “has become a closed-source, top-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.”

Most of that is not true and I think Elon knows it.“Altman now states on the podcast.

However, the CEO of OpenAI assures that both executives have spoken and suggests that Musk’s reproach was actually caused by concern.

Who is Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, who learned to program at the age of 8 and is prepared for the end of the world with gold, weapons and gas masks

“To say something positive about Elon, i think he really cares about a good future with generative artificial intelligence“, according to Altman, referring to the goal of creating AI capable of “thinking” like humans.

he’s a jerkor whatever you want to say about him, has a style that is not what I would like to have. But I think he really caresand he feels very stressed about what the future of humanity is going to be like,” says the current CEO of OpenAI.

Musk has not responded to emailed requests for comment by Business Insider. Microsoft representatives also did not immediately respond to Microsoft’s request for comment. Business Insider.

An OpenAI representative has declined to comment on Altman’s remarks to Swisher.

OpenAI released GPT-4 this month, describing it as a significant advance over previous versions, and touting its ability to excel in a variety of major exams, including selectivity and the bar exam.

GPT-4 is available to those with the $20/month ChatGPT Plus subscription, although there is a waiting list for the GPT-4 API.

Altman has also claimed that the company was trying to balance the risks of AI with its benefits when deciding how to release its tools to the public.

“For example, I don’t think right now it’s good for us to make GPT-4 public. I think that would cause some havoc in the world, or at least there is a possibility that it will, but we can’t be sure that it won’t be the case,” adds the CEO and founder of OpenAI.



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