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Salinas Pliego on the dismissals on Twitter: “Good start. Now let them go to the bot farms”

Ricardo Salinas, in Puebla, in April.Mireya Novo (Dark Room)

The third richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has given his approval to the wave of layoffs on Twitter, a movement generated after the arrival of Elon Musk on the social network. Owner of the car manufacturer Tesla and the Space X space rockets, the South African tycoon recently bought Twitter, an investment that is being talked about every day, this week, due to the departure of workers. Musk plans to lay off half of his staff: 3,700 of 7,500 employees.

In a message published precisely on his Twitter account, the pulpit from which he scolds and jokes, compliments and insults every day, Salinas Pliego praised Musk’s plan. “Business are business. Good start, I applaud it A business has to be a business first, in order to provide jobs”, said the businessman, a defender of the most purist version of the free market.

Salinas owns the Azteca group, actually founded by his grandfather, which controls the department stores Elektra, Banco Azteca and Television Azteca, the second most watched network in the country. Forbes magazine, which makes an annual list of the richest men on the planet, estimates his fortune at 12.5 billion dollars. The businessman is a regular in the controversy on social networks. On Christmas Eve last year, his tweets choked on the Christmas table. Salinas wrote: “Inequality is not only inevitable, it is necessary for the progress of society.”

Layoffs at Twitter have already affected Mexico. This week, several company workers announced their departure in messages posted on the social network. According to one of them, the dismissed in the country are about 50. The messages of support flourished in the timeline Twitter, waiting for new news about the future of the company, which Musk accuses of being loss making.

In his messages, Salinas has proposed a course to Musk. “Now let them go for the bot farms and ‘troops’, who are mercenaries at the service of politicians and companies that pay to hit and tarnish reputations!!!”, the businessman wrote.

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