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    NewsWorldRussia's war against Ukraine is the last: the EU imposes new sanctions

    Russia’s war against Ukraine is the last: the EU imposes new sanctions

    Feb 26 (Reuters) – The European Union, which adopted a tenth round of sanctions against Russia on Saturday, a day after the first anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine, vowed to increase pressure on Moscow “until Ukraine is liberated.”


    * Ukraine’s military said on Sunday that Russia launched an unsuccessful offensive near Yahydne last day after Russian Wagner mercenaries said they had captured a village in eastern Ukraine.

    The village of Pakmut, where only about 5,000 of its 70,000 inhabitants remain, has seen some of the bloodiest fighting in the years of Russian occupation.

    * Ukraine’s armed forces said Russia was concentrating its main efforts on offensive operations in the Kubiansk, Lyman, Baghmut, Avdiivka and Shakhtar regions.

    * Reuters battleground accounts cannot be verified.

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    Diplomacy and Sanctions

    * Russia’s top diplomat to the United Nations on Sunday accused the West of “cowboy” methods and “arm twisting” by some countries after last week’s UN General Assembly vote on demands that Moscow withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

    * The financial leaders of the world’s largest economies strongly condemned Moscow’s war on Ukraine on Saturday, with only China and Russia refusing to sign a joint statement.

    * French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would travel to China in early April to seek Chinese help in ending an invasion by Russia.

    * Marking the anniversary of the US invasion, $2 billion in weapons to kyiv and new sanctions against Russia that have undermined Moscow’s ability to wage war.

    Belarus, a small Russian ally that borders Ukraine, has 1.5 million servicemen outside its armed forces, a senior official said on Saturday.

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    * Russia has suspended oil supplies to Poland through the Druzhba pipeline, CEO of Polish refinery PKN Orlen (PKN.WA) Daniel Obajtek said on Saturday.

    * Ukraine plans not to stop rationing electricity unless there are further Russian attacks and it has managed to accumulate some power reserves, the energy minister said on Saturday.


    * Timeline- Main events after the invasion of Russia

    * Ukraine’s Zelensky challenges Putin

    * Putin, firmly in power, has set the stage for a long war.

    * A year later, Ukraine and its government are still not alive. they fought back

    * kyiv is hard pressed by war scars

    * Charts of a year of war in the markets: how the prices of the dollar, energy and food have moved

    * The Russian economy is holding up, but the road to prosperity may be long

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    * Moscow’s decades-old gas ties with Europe are unraveling

    * The best brands come from Russia, but the products are easy to find

    * Will US support for Ukraine last?

    * Outside sponsors invest billions in Ukraine

    * How is China doing with Russia’s ‘no limits’ ally?

    * One year after the war, elderly refugees flee in despair.

    * Life and death in Mariupol: the story of a war survivor

    * Bucha became a symbol of the war, the families of the victims mourn


    Learn more about the war in Ukraine. Listen to a special episode of the Reuters World News Podcast.

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