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Russian diplomatic offensive in Africa

Russian diplomatic offensive in Africa. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has visited Mali, where he has promised that Moscow will help the countries of the Sahel to fight against jihadism, which is ravaging the region.

He has also confirmed Russia’s intention to intensify its involvement in Africa, which he said is confronting the “neocolonial instincts” of the West.

“We thank our Malian friends for supporting Russian initiatives on many issues that are on the agenda of the world organization, which are increasingly important. I am referring to the inadmissibility of glorifying Nazism, the inadmissibility of starting an arms race into outer space”said the Russian foreign minister.

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Lavrov on the Wagner group: “I do not know of any UN expert trained to consider war crimes”

Lavrov has also referred to the presence in Mali of the Wagner group mercenaries, who have occupied the land left by the French forces that have left the country, and has ironized the accusations of war crimes against them.

“As for the UN experts who are investigating the alleged war crimes committed by the private military company Wagner, I am not aware of any UN expert who is empowered to consider any aspect of war crimes, whoever they are. have committed”he affirmed.

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After Mali, Lavrov has moved to Mauritania. It is the first time that a Russian foreign minister has visited these two African countries.

The United States has also just launched a diplomatic offensive on the continent, which is already embroiled in fierce strategic and economic competition between great powers.

Source: Euronews Español


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