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    Russian bombers intercepted near Alaska by NORAD planes

    Several Russian strategic bombing and fighter jets were intercepted by North American air defense forces while flying in international airspace near Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) reported.

    The planes, which were identified Monday, did not enter US or Canadian airspace and did not pose a threat, the joint US-Canada center said in a statement dated Tuesday.

    According to the document, the Russian flights were in no way related to the mysterious appearances of flying objects recently shot down by the US military within North American airspace.

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    “NORAD had anticipated this activity from Russia…Two NORAD F-16 fighters intercepted the Russian planes,” he said.

    The United States also frequently conducts reconnaissance operations, but does not enter other countries’ airspace, and such flights are common in military operations.

    “NORAD routinely monitors movements of foreign aircraft and if deemed necessary, escorts them,” the note added.

    Russia said on Wednesday that it had made several flights over international waters in recent days, including in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia.

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    It described two of its Tu-95MS strategic bombers flying over the Bering Sea accompanied by Su-30 jets and making similar “routine” flights north of Norway and over international waters near Russia’s far east.

    However, he did not clarify if any of those planes had been intercepted.

    “Long-range aviation pilots regularly fly over neutral waters of the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean,” the Russian defense ministry said.

    North American security forces have been on high alert since a Chinese balloon, suspected of spying, crossed US airspace and was shot down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

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    Although Russia has made flights over the Bering Sea before, its neighbors in the region have become more concerned about Moscow’s military activities since its invasion of Ukraine last year.

    Source: VOA Español


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