News World Russia, in the spotlight of the UN Human Rights Council

Russia, in the spotlight of the UN Human Rights Council

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will be the central theme of the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, which opened on Monday and which will culminate in the publication of an investigation into war crimes committed in the country.

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, set the tone for the discussions.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has unleashed the most massive violations of human rights that we are experiencing today. It has unleashed death, destruction and displacement widespread. Attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure have caused many victims and terrible sufferingsaid Guterres in his speech.

Almost six weeks of debate in a context of lively international tensions

The war in Ukraine is the most visible part of the lively tensions that overwhelm international news. Iran, Ethiopia, Syria, Haiti, Nicaragua… numerous situations of human rights violations will animate the debates for almost six weeks.

Never before has the Human Rights Council (HRC) been in session for so long, a sign according to some of its importance at a time when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrates its 75th anniversary. For the most criticized countries, this extension of the calendar is the result of excessive interference by the UN institution in the affairs of States.

About 150 senior leadersamong them the heads of French, American, Chinese, Iranian and Ukrainian diplomacy, will intervene from Monday to Thursday, a record.

The participation of Russia suggests strong tensions

It is expected that Moscow will send its Deputy Foreign Minister on Thursday, Sergei Riabkov. Despite calls from NGOs, it is not certain that diplomats will leave the room when he speaks, as they did last year with his boss, Sergei Lavrov, intervened by videoconference.

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