News World Russia denounced a drone attack near Moscow and launched more airstrikes in...

Russia denounced a drone attack near Moscow and launched more airstrikes in Ukraine

Russia denounced a drone attack near Moscow and launched more airstrikes in Ukraine

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Russia said to have neutralized five ukrainian drones nearly Moscow and its region, which affected the operation of one of the capital’s international airports and was described by the authorities as an act of terrorism.

In Ukrainewhile, two civilians were killed in Russian artillery strikes in the southern province of Kherson and more than 30 people, including nine children, were injured in a Russian airstrike in the eastern province of Kharkov, authorities said.

Russia said the drone strike was directed at different locations in the Moscow region.which has rarely been the target of military actions like others that have affected parts of the country closest to the border with Ukraine, and which Moscow has also blamed on kyiv.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that four drones were destroyed by anti-aircraft defenses near the Russian capital and the fifth was neutralized by “electronic warfare means” before coming down in the Moscow region.

The attack caused no casualties or damage.added the note, which defined the action as “a terrorist act”, reported the AFP news agency.

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“All attacks were repelled by anti-aircraft defense, all detected drones were neutralized”Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Telegram.

Authorities said that the attack disrupted operations at Vnukov airport for three hoursor, one of the three international airports in Moscow, which also has another two for domestic flights.

The Russian public news agency Ria Novosti, citing Moscow’s emergency services, said one of the drones was neutralized near Kubinka, some 40 kilometers from Vnukovo airport.

Several flights had to be diverted to other destinations during the early hours of the morning until the airport “resumed work” at 8 a.m., the Russian air transport agency Rosaviatsia reported.

The also state-owned Russian news agency TASS reported that a drone had been shot down in the Kaluga region, southwest of Moscow.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced a “terrorist act” by kyiv, directed against an area “where civil infrastructure sites are located.”

In a message on Telegram, the spokeswoman Maria Zakharova He also accused Western countries of financing “a terrorist regime” for the military and financial support they are providing to Ukraine to repel the Russian invasion launched at the beginning of 2022.

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In Ukraine, meanwhile, two people were killed by Russian artillery shelling in the Kherson provincereported the governor, Oleksander Prokudin, via Telegram.

In the Kharkov province, which borders Russia, more than 30 people, including nine children, were injured in a Russian shelling in the town of Pervomaisky, 80 kilometers south of the regional capital, which is also called Kharkov.

“Thirty-one people have been hospitalized“, said the head of the Kiev presidential office, Andrii Yermak, indicating that “nine of them were children, including two babies of one year and ten months.”

Yermak said the attack was carried out “with a high-powered projectile” that set several parked cars on fire.

Three people were also injured in Russian attacks in the eastern Ukrainian province of Donetsk and another three in the Chernigov province in northern Ukraine, according to local authorities.

In addition, the number of victims of a drone attack that hit a residential building in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, capital of the province of the same name, in northeastern Ukraine, bordering Russia, rose to three dead and 21 injured.

The General Staff of Ukraine also reported the interception of 16 explosive drones launched by Russia overnight.

The shelling coincides with heavy fighting on the two fronts of ground operations in Ukraine: the southern front, formed by the provinces of Kherson and neighboring Zaporizhia, and the eastern front, by Donetsk and the neighboring province of Lugansk.

Russia occupies a large part of those four provinces, as well as a small portion of Kharkov.

Ukraine has been carrying out a counteroffensive for several weeks to try to recover the territories occupied by Russia on both fronts, but has so far made only moderate progress.

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelensky, admitted that his country’s forces had spent a week of “difficult” fighting on the entire front line. Even so, he said the troops managed to recapture 37 square kilometers in the east and south.

Russia, for its part, assured that the Ukrainian Army “did not reach its objectives in any line” since the start of its counteroffensive in early June.

At the diplomatic level, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, participated in a virtual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)in which his country participates with China, India, Pakistan and four Central Asian republics.

Putin assured that his country “will continue to resist” against “external pressures” and the “sanctions” imposed by Western countries since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, in February 2022.

He also thanked his “colleagues from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization who expressed their support” during a rebellion by the Russian paramilitary group Wagner that rocked the Kremlin in late June but was quickly put down.



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