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    Russia accuses the US of using human rights as an excuse to force other countries to follow its political line

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    The Russian Embassy in Washington has accused the United States Administration of instrumentalizing Human Rights to force other States to “adjust their foreign policy line” towards the patterns defended by the White House and the rest of the Western powers.

    This is clear from a statement published by the Russian diplomatic mission in response to the United States decision to sanction 40 individuals and entities from nine countries, including Russia, for corruption and Human Rights abuses.

    “The new sanctions against Russian natural and legal persons are nothing more than an advertising campaign by the US Administration aimed at denigrating the ‘undesirables’ by labeling them as ‘Human Rights violators’,” the Russian Embassy has criticized.

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    Thus, the diplomatic legation of the Eurasian country has criticized that Washington does not give up its efforts to “punish” Russia for, according to them, simply maintaining an independent and principled position in international affairs, as reported by the Russian news agency TASS. .

    “The hateful Global Magnitsky Law (Human Rights Accountability) is just another marked card in the deck of the White House, used to openly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states,” the Russian Embassy in Washington concluded in its statement. .

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    The US Treasury Department announced Friday new travel sanctions and asset freezes against 40 individuals and organizations from nine countries around the world for human rights abuses and corrupt practices.

    These sanctions are part of the so-called Global Magnitsky Human Rights Responsibility Law, by which the United States declares itself capable of unilaterally prosecuting foreign citizens accused of acts of corruption or violations of fundamental rights.

    As far as Russia is concerned, the United States announced sanctions against all the members of the National Electoral Commission for contributing to the holding of fraudulent elections, and several Russian officials involved, during the invasion of Ukraine, in the so-called “filtering acts”: interrogations and searches against the Ukrainian civilian population in Russian-occupied territories.

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    Among them, Washington pointed out, for example, the heads of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Oleg Yurievich Nesterov and Yevgeni Radionovich Kim as “direct participants in the planning and implementation” of these protocols.

    The State Department also sanctioned Russian Federation citizens Ochur-Suge Terimovich Mongush and Lyudmila Nikolaevna Zaitseva, both allegedly involved in torture, the former while Zaitseva was involved in “the abduction and forcible removal of children from Ukraine”.


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