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    BusinessRevilla says that "you cannot fool people" with the food price cap because Europe does not allow it

    Revilla says that “you cannot fool people” with the food price cap because Europe does not allow it

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    The president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, said today that “people cannot be deceived” with the cap on the price of basic foodstuffs because Europe does not allow it.

    “People cannot be fooled by saying that now we can put fixed prices on things because we are in Europe and it is a market of free competition and it cannot be done.”

    This is how the head of the Cantabrian Executive responded to questions from the press during the XIII Fiesta del Camino de Los Machucos, which was also attended by the president of Asturias, Adrian Barbon.

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    Questioned about the meeting that the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, and the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, will hold this Monday with distributors and consumers to address the possibility of putting a maximum price on certain foods, Revilla has insisted that this option is not viable.

    “I have been with this story for many years; that there was a fixed price for milk…, that cannot be done: we are in the European Union,” said the president. “Getting on well with people is easy. Hala! That they pay so much for milk, eggs, and that people pay so much for them; it’s not possible,” he reiterated.

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    However, the head of the Cantabrian Executive has proposed other measures that are “possible”, such as “touching VAT” and “talking to producers, that chain in Spain that makes a product from origin to end increase by a one hundred and fifty percent.”

    The Cantabrian leader has insisted that there are “other formulas” to help people who are having a hard time to get a lower cost of basic food, such as VAT and “measures that could be taken to agree on producers and distributors in those brutal margins that there are now, in which those limits are not maintained”.

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    Because, he has reiterated, the measure of setting prices is not going to have a path. “Europe is very clear on that: it cannot be done,” she has sentenced.

    Source: Europa Press


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