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Reservists mobilized by Russia, forced to bring their own first aid to Ukraine

Part of the reservists called up in recent days by Russia have received orders to join the Armed Forces with their own first aid package, given the apparent lack of resources by the Russian authorities, according to the UK Intelligence services. United.

The men summoned within the framework of the partial mobilization decreed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, barely receive training to respond to emergencies and sometimes arrive at the combat front carrying their own resources.

The authorities even recommend that they stock up on menstrual hygiene products as a cheap option for possible medical needs, British Military Intelligence collects in a report published this Friday.

Some servicemen have obtained “Western-style” tourniquet straps, but would be cable-tying them to their gear, rather than the usual Velcro, for fear that other comrades might steal it. British experts warn that these shortcomings delay and even make urgent action impossible.

London sees it as “almost certain” that problems in supplying Russian troops with medicine and equipment “are contributing to a declining mood and an unwillingness (on the part of the military) to take offensive action.”

The Russian government hardly gives data on casualties in its ranks, but last week, after the announcement of the mobilization, it acknowledged that it had already lost almost 6,000 troops in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, on the other hand, have raised this Friday to more than 59,000 Russian casualties since February, with more than 500 deaths on the last day.

Source: Europa Press



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