News World Report of ‘mass corruption’ in the Supreme Court – DW – 05/16/2023

Report of ‘mass corruption’ in the Supreme Court – DW – 05/16/2023

UkraineThe National Anti-Corruption Office of Ukraine (NABU) and the Office of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor (SAP) reported on their social media accounts Monday night about alleged corruption in the country’s Supreme Court.

“NABU and SAP have exposed large-scale corruption in the Supreme Court, particularly the scheme to gain undue benefits by the Chief Justice and Supreme Court Justices,” the anti-corruption group said on Facebook.

It is not clear from the report who bribed whom and why. NABU and SAP posted a photo of wads of cash on a bed and said details would be released later.

The President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Vsevolod Kniaziev, has reportedly been arrested on charges of paying multi-million dollar bribes.Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Picture Alliance

It has been reported that the chief justice has been arrested

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court announced an extraordinary meeting. “In connection with the events surrounding the President of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Kniaziev, an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Supreme Court will take place on May 16, 2023,” the court said on Facebook.

Ukrainian media reported that Kniaziev had been caught accepting $3 million (€2.76 million) in bribes and that other judges in the higher judiciary were under investigation.

Kniaziev was appointed president of the Supreme Court in October 2021.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy Has repeatedly promised to be more concrete The culture of bribery must be combated It is widespread in the country.

Zelenskyy’s main goal is to show that Ukraine is ready to negotiate its membership of the EU.

The DPA news agency contributed to this report.

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