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I’m coming home after a vacation. Beach. Rice. Beer. Nap. playing cards Books. Toilets. Family. Specialization in mosquitoes. Master’s degree in jellyfish fried egg They are good and you have to let them float. An old-fashioned summer, almost vintage, privileged, without glamour. The sweet far almost nient and the almost flat encephalogram cleanses my brains of the glutamate molecules that cause mental fatigue: this comment shows that no one completely disconnects because this sinister and reflective reality would sink, sustained by the desire to leave to be able to see each other at all hours. So I’ve had time to take a few selfies, read David Foster Wallace and watch a lot of TV. Precisely Foster Wallace, an American writer, dedicates vitriolic stories to mythical contests such as Jeopardy!; presenters like David Letterman, who reinvents the television show perpetrating anti-shows ―what is the originality of our cathodic national icons?―, and series like Hawaii 5.0: white cops give instructions to underling easterners to save the world from evil easterners and thus ensure that evil does not spread to the “mainland”. The evil Orientals want to be as powerful as the dominant whites who, by the way, make me read with pleasure not so much Aminata Sow Fall, as the very lucid David Foster Wallace, who writes in English and may hang himself before the dissatisfaction generated by contractions that, in reality, are economic-cultural synergies.

Foster Wallace also tells why we love to watch repeated series. Without glutamate but brunette, I am again stunned with Heitheruse, drug addicted doctor, punter and sadist who underlines the moral hypocrisy of democracy made in USA: the victim of lung cancer is blamed – he does not have a bow – for smoking the tobacco we sell; anorexia is encouraged for girls who are bought sugar-free birthday cakes so they can reach the throne of Miss Arkansas; tumors that secrete adrenaline and are the root of the violence of a murderer are removed to take him – nickel-plated, healthy and, of course, black – to death row; the bravery of a small dying woman who disguises her pain is applauded because the dignity of her angry crying would not be commercial; it advocates a healthcare that is only excellent if it adheres to the parameters of profitability and business model; the outcast who climbs the social ladder is valued and believes that those who have not achieved it are scum because the system works: he is the example and the others are guilty… House people die of rabies or syphilis, of shit and fungus from under the sink, despite the fact that sarcoidosis, lupus or vasculitis are mentioned in the differential diagnoses. I learn what I already know and, even if House denounces the values ​​of the empire to which we aspire, I fear that he will seduce and deceive me. I secrete sticky glutamate. Perhaps that is why, when I return home, I open different drawers many times. I don’t remember where we usually keep the teaspoons. It is as if I have returned from an astral journey or I am stuck in the repetition loop of the images. We leave without leaving and, when we return, it turns out that we have stayed in another place that is the same as always.

Source: EL PAIS



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